Good and Cheap Cell Phone Loans: Get Yours Without Headaches

With planning, research and organization, you can buy your smartphone without having to go into the red With the emergence and evolution of smartphones, our lives literally came to fit in the palm of our hands. Thanks to these devices, we are able to pay bills, make purchases and maintain communication with those we love. And, of course, a good and cheap cell phone is always the target of many!

And that’s not all! Thanks to the apps of physical activities, studies, music, financial organization, among others, we can have access to hundreds of contents that make all the difference in our daily lives. The truth is that it is practically impossible to be without a smartphone. That is why, when our device breaks or becomes outdated, we soon try to go after a good and cheap cell phone .

Find out how to get a good quality phone at a price that fits in your pocket with the tips we will share below.


Search and track the reviews of good and cheap cell phones

cellphone loans

You can’t buy a cell phone in the dark without being aware of its basic settings. Therefore, the first step in buying a good and cheap cell phone is to search the internet for what experts know about it. Start by analyzing blogs that talk about the positive and negative aspects of affordable cell phones. Compare everything: price, memory, camera, screen, among other items.

Write down the characteristics of at least 5 devices and go to the next step, which is to try. Look for the physical stores that sell these phones and review each one.


Compare cost x benefit

loan compare

You should be able to understand whether the phone is really worth the suggested price. If you need memory, for example, it won’t pay to buy an 8gb device. In addition, the most famous brands will not always solve your problem. So don’t buy by name, but by the features you need. Some top models are absurdly expensive due to tax collection and brand value.

But there are also those not so famous that are just as good.


Research prices in different stores

different stores

After you analyze which is the good and cheap cell phone you will buy, it is time to research the best prices and payment terms. Check on price comparison sites. Take care of those unmissable promotions and read the purchase conditions carefully before clicking on buy. Sometimes, the price indicated is for cash payment and the installment amount can be much higher.

Be sure to evaluate the freight price. Some stores even charge a fortune for delivery and ends up not compensating to pay cheaper on the device and absurd shipping. In physical stores, bargain a lot. Ask what the installment amount is and how much discount you will have if you pay cash. Learn to play with the seller and say that another store presented a much better offer. He’ll cover the sale if he’s smart.


Analyze the number of installments of the good and cheap cell phone

Analyze the number of installments of the good and cheap cell phone

Installment payment is only good when you know how to keep your monthly budget under control. Be careful not to fall into the trap of leaving all your purchases in installments and staying in the red for lack of planning. You may think that 60 dollars can be nothing. But, have you ever imagined collecting all your debts and realizing that your salary will not be enough to pay everything?

And there is another thing: the greater the number of installments, the more interest you will pay.


Save money before you buy

Save money before you buy

To avoid debts when buying good and cheap cell phones , set a goal and a saving time for payment in cash. Start by reducing spending on superfluous things. Reduce trips to bars, cut your internet plan and share your Netflix subscription with others, for example. Take advantage of this experience to make it a constant habit. Put on paper all your expenses with rent, courses, water, electricity, telephone, internet, food, leisure, health, transportation, among others. These values ​​correspond to how much percent of your income? How much can you save?


Don’t buy without a clear reason

mobile loans

Let’s assume that you already have a cell phone that, so far, is meeting your expectations. Is this the best time to buy a good and cheap cell phone ? Sometimes, we are surprised by an avalanche of advertisements and, if we do not police ourselves, we end up buying without thinking. The ease of buying online and using a credit card further reinforces this. So always do self-surveillance and don’t buy anything on impulse. Focus on your goals and don’t spend on a good and cheap cell phone purchase that isn’t even that important. Not right now.

Be careful with that story of entering a store “just to take a look”. Shopping cannot be an excuse to pass the time or kill boredom. Leave those habits behind and buy for clear reasons. Why do you need a good and cheap cell phone ? Can the current one be fixed? Can you free up memory space? Can you stop using any application that is taking up too much space?


I need a cell phone and I have no money. What to do?

I need a cell phone and I have no money. What to do?

Well, if you urgently need a good, cheap cell phone , whether it’s for work or to keep up with your family, it’s time to invest in a device. Follow the tips that we gave and that suit your needs. If you’ve been caught off guard, have no money and can’t wait, apply for a loan online.

Good Lenders Credit has a partnership with more than 30 banks that, depending on your financial profile, offer conditions that fit in your pocket. Ready to put into practice all the tips on how to buy good and cheap cell phone? Be sure to do this with all other product or service purchases. You will learn that with planning and organization, anything is possible.

Debt loan: is it really worth it?

Have you ever thought about taking out a loan to pay off debts ? If so, know that you are not the only one: according to a survey by Google Survey, 51.6% of respondents said they had taken out a loan in the last 12 months to have “financial strength”. This means that the idea is a constant in the mind of those who see themselves in debt and want to settle their debts.

However, not everyone knows what to do to understand whether the alternative is worth it or not, which prevents some people from making the decision. If you feel that way, know that you’ve come to the right place! Continue with us to find out if the option is really advantageous, as well as when is the best time to take such an initiative.


Is it worth taking out a loan to pay off debts?

Is it worth taking out a loan to pay off debts?

It depends on each case. Usually yes, but there are some questions you must answer to know what to do:

Values ​​greater than your financial condition Financial planning errors exist and can be the result of different reasons, such as failing to calculate the monthly budget or being wrong about a certain amount, for example. If you have debts that exceed your remuneration, it will be more difficult to get them up to date, which can take a long time and, as a result, result in fines, fees and even abusive interest, that is, very unpleasant situations.

In this case, opting for a loan to settle debts is a balanced and very positive solution. Thus, the pending items will be paid and you will only have to worry about the installments of the loan that is contracted – besides taking care not to fall into the same situation, of course. However, do not forget that that installment will become a fixed expense from the following month, which can change your budget.


Different interest-bearing debts on each of them

debt loans

It may be that your credit card bill is overdue, along with that of the financing of the car, the house and that loan that you took and are almost finished paying, but have not yet paid. It is not so rare to find yourself in a situation where debts come from various sources, a very complicated situation, both because it makes financial control more difficult and, mainly, because there are several interest rates rolling at the same time, which considerably increases the value of the debt.

We have already commented here on compound interest, which can cause an initially small amount to grow a lot, sometimes to the point of escaping its financial capacity and, thus, resulting in even greater problems. When debts are distributed, especially when interest is already incurring on them, the best alternative is to acquire a loan to pay off debts , which will be of great value to your financial organization.

The most evident point is that you substitute different payments for one, which facilitates the situation, avoids forgetfulness and allows you to choose the due date according to what is best for you, such as a few days after your payment has fallen.

In addition (and more importantly, by the way), you eliminate several interest rates and replace them with just one, in addition to the amount due generally dropping slightly by the early settlement, which can represent significant discounts. In good financial planning, expenses must be properly controlled so that you do not get involved with them later, and the debt settlement loan is a great ally in this regard.


Remove the pending of your name


Who knows what it means to have a dirty name understands how worrying the situation is. You no longer have access to several credit offers that could help you, which, consequently, can bring more serious difficulties on a daily basis. To get rid of this affliction, the loan to settle debts is certainly an option to consider, since it allows you to regularize your cadastral situation and, from then on, have access to credit again – which does not mean that you have to use it right away.

It is important to note that the payments can also be made at a discount, as in the case of agreements, especially when they are older debts. However, regardless of your term, contact your creditors to find out what can be done to help you. In addition to financial relief, this is an alternative that can make you feel more relaxed in several ways, that is, it transcends money.


Keep your business running

Keep your business running

Sometimes debts were not incurred in your name, but in your company, and anyone who is an entrepreneur or entrepreneur knows the complications that registration restrictions can bring. ,This is another situation in which the loan to settle debts is a good option, since it will relieve you from a series of fees and charges, in addition to regularizing the company’s registration situation in the market.

Here too, it should be noted that the value of the loan installments must be considered in financial management, so that the situation will not be repeated in the near or distant future.


Loan to settle debts: your relief in difficult times

Loan to settle debts: your relief in difficult times

Everyone is subject to having debts. However, the sooner they can be eliminated, the better, as it will bring you back to tranquility, something that is priceless. When you hire a loan with good rates and that is within your financial conditions, the consequences are largely positive, which can really revolutionize your financial management once and for all.

If you have debts to pay and do not know how to proceed, count on the loans to regain control of the situation and thus overcome this complicated problem, which can happen. Good Lenders Credit is the ideal place to get your loan to pay off debts , where you can receive personalized proposals for your profile from more than 30 financial partners, all with just one registration.

Fortunately, the much desired financial relief is just around the corner!

Online payday loan bad credit -Hurry up, Request an online bad credit payday loan


Online loans are one way to get additional financial support. If we care about a quick credit decision and milder scoring, then it is worth considering this offer. In addition, thanks to applications made available on websites, we receive round-the-clock access to forms. It is also worth noting that they allow you to go through the application process even in a few minutes. How to get a loan online?

Hurry up and Request an online bad credit payday loan

What is an online loan?

An online bad credit payday loan is a characteristic product offered by that has created an alternative solution for bank loans. The entire application process is carried out electronically. Therefore, to submit an application, you must have a device with internet access. The most important information about specific offers can be found on lender platforms, which can be used anywhere, anytime. Thanks to this, we will avoid long queues in banks or restrictions due to the institution’s working hours. In addition, many loan companies introduce lighter criteria for applicants than those applicable to banks. However, it should be noted that each customer will be verified for creditworthiness! Some say that banking institutions also offer their products online. However, in this case, at the final stage of borrowing, there is always a need to meet with a consultant in a stationary branch. 

Step 1: Analysis of the household budget

The first step you should take is to analyze your home budget. Based on the information on expenses and income, we are able to determine what amount of loan we need and what part of the funds we can spend to pay the liability. To this end, expenditure and income should be compared and the value received will reflect our financial capabilities. This is necessary because we will avoid any problems with repayment.

Step 2: Choose the right online loan

If we have already defined our needs and financial possibilities, we can move on to choosing a lender. In the beginning, we have to decide which product will be right for us: installment loan or payday loan. If we are sure that within a month we will accumulate the amount necessary to repay the liability, then payday pay for free may be a good idea. Otherwise, we should only consider installment loans. To choose a specific offer, it’s worth using the price comparison tool. This will allow us to narrow down the lender base to those who offer their clients loans that meet our requirements. In addition, we can review the available rankings of the best offers. Maybe among them, there is a suitable offer for us.

Step 3: Check the information on the lender’s website

At the stage of searching for the right lender, you should also check the opinions on specific loan companies. Very often, customers share their experiences on various internet forums and comparison websites. Expert analyzes are also available on the Internet, in which we find the most important information on specific products. In addition, it is worth using the list of warnings from the Financial Supervision Authority to avoid using offers that raise doubts about this organization. Let’s not forget to verify the information on the lender’s website and check the costs. Perhaps another company offers more attractive conditions.

Step 4: Select parameters and submit the application

If you have already chosen the right online loan offer, please visit the lender’s website. There we will find a virtual calculator that will allow you to enter the appropriate loan parameters. We use the sliders to specify the amount we are interested in and the repayment date. Then we check the costs that this commitment involves. When the monthly cost exceeds our capabilities, it is worth extending the loan period. If everything is correct, we can go further. To do this, click the “Submit Application” or another button confirming the selected parameters and redirecting us to the application form. Loan companies need to complete a short form that contains questions about our financial and life situation. 

Step 5: Identity Verification

After completing and confirming the application, go to the fifth step, which is identity verification. In this case, we can meet with three different methods. The first is the traditional verification transfer. In this case, however, there may be a problem regarding the longer waiting time for the decision. If the lender has an account with a bank other than us, then sessions should be considered. When we decide to submit an application in the late evening or weekend, the transfer will be booked on the next business day. It is also associated with longer waiting times for a credit decision. 

Step 6: Waiting for the decision and transfer the loan online

After successful verification of identity, it is the lender’s turn to assess the applicant’s creditworthiness. For this purpose, it will also check information about us in the databases of the Credit Information Bureau and the Economic Information Bureau. If based on the application and data from the database, it issues a positive credit decision, the money will go to our account. However, the waiting time for a transfer may vary depending on the bank in which you have the account and the sessions in force. Some lenders also introduce an express transfer system for payday loans. If we care about quick financial support, it is worth to read the information on this subject earlier. The money received can be used for any purpose. However, remember that every loan should also be repaid. 

Fast Payday Loan – in cash and in the comfort of your home

Fast non-bank loan is suitable for all who need to borrow money and do not have a bank account. Everything is done in cash – both the payment of funds and their repayment.

In this case, the client is taken care of by the sales representative of the provider, who visits the client at home or at a place agreed in advance. What are the other parameters of a fast payday loan?

The provider of the fast payday loan is EC Financial Services, as It has been operating on the market since 2012. In 2018, this company bought Lend Money, which until then had offered the well-known Smart loan.

With a fast payday loan, the applicant can take up to USD 70,000 with a maturity of 14, 17 or 20 months. A fixed interest rate of 15% per annum is not one of the cheapest in non-bank loans, but at the same time, there are considerably more expensive consumer loans on the market.

It is a non-purpose loan without the need for a guarantor.

Negotiate Fast payday loans


For non-bank loans, it is customary to negotiate on-line , ie from the comfort of your home. The same is true of the fast payday loan. In this way, the applicant completes a short registration form .

There is no need to worry, it is only basic personal information – typically name, surname, address, contacts, social security number, identity card number or information about income and expenditure of an individual or the whole household.

On the fast payday loan website, clients can use the on-line calculator for an approximate loan calculation.

Other possibilities of negotiation include a telephone request . In both cases, the Provider’s Sales Representative shall contact the Applicant and agree on further steps. Usually there is a personal meeting at the applicant’s home or at another place agreed in advance.

At the meeting, the sales representative shall provide the applicant with all necessary information , explain all the processes, quantify the monthly installments and all fees, indicate the repayment method, assess the applicant’s creditworthiness and answer any questions he may have.

The final step is to sign a contract . As it is a cash loan, the sales representative will also bring the agreed amount to the applicant within 24 hours of the loan approval.

The same principle applies to the repayment itself. As a standard, it is made in monthly installments , but even now the money is not transferred by bank transfer. For the installment , the representative of the provider arrives again in the agreed term and takes it in cash .

Requirements for Fast applicants


The Fast non-bank loan has similar requirements to most competing loans. It provides funding only to persons over 18 years of age and two identity documents are required for applicants with Czech citizenship. Foreigners can also obtain a fast payday loan, but they present a permanent or long-term residence card in the Czech Republic .

However, what makes a fast payday loan different from normal requirements is the necessity to prove your residence – most often through a lease or a letter of ownership for the property .

In order to approve a fast payday loan , the applicant cannot do without a regular income , which he must provide to the provider. It is not a condition that it has to be only income from employment. Likewise, the fast payday loan is suitable for seniors with regular retirement or for parents who are receiving maternity or parental benefit .

Proof of income from the employer is either:

  • confirmation directly from the employer
  • bank statement (3 months back) and proof of employment contract

Entrepreneurs most often document a copy of the tax return and, together with it, statements of account proving business income.

Loan for troubled clients


Although there is a standard approval process for Fast and the registers are viewed, among other things, people who are usually denied credit are also able to borrow.

We are talking about people in execution or with a criminal record. Unfortunately, given the client’s situation, the fast payday loan provider is at least confident that he will choose higher interest rates . The loan then comes out quite expensive.

But there is no wonder. The loan for indebted is one of the most risky groups of loans. And there are not many providers that offer this type of loan.

Fast payday loan – Review


While the fast payday loan may look untrustworthy at first glance, it is not a scam . Conversely, discussions about a fast payday loan very often mention the merits of this loan. People praise that in some cases it is the only provider that was willing to lend them. They also commend the sales representatives for their professionalism and helpfulness .

The positive assessment also states a high limit of up to USD 70,000 .

Some fast payday loan reviews mention high-interest rates, which are non-bank loans and people often count on. There are also responses that complain about threats to recover the money, but most of them are clients with problematic repayment.

Fast and reliable quick loan.

Borrowing money quickly within 10 minutes is easy

Borrowing money quickly within 10 minutes is easy

Are you in financial trouble? There are times when you want to borrow money quickly within 10 minutes because you are short of cash. It is possible that your telephone bill has been closed or that you have to pay the rent or that you have a writ of execution from the tax authorities. It may also be that one or more bailiffs are urging you to come over with money to pay and or to pay several bills today.

Very annoying situations that a growing group of hard-working Dutch people suffer from due to the economic crisis. You want to get rid of this annoying stress asap and you are looking for a fast and reliable solution that really works in practice. So that you can catch your breath again.

Fortunately, there is a solution if you want to borrow money quickly within 10 minutes. This solution is called the mini loan. This is a loan where you can borrow an amount from 100 USD to 750 USD within 10 minutes so that you can catch your breath again. Requesting is simple and effective. The first step is to register via the website of a provider of this mini loan. You will receive a text message with the request to e-mail or fax your papers.

The money is then immediately transferred to your bank or giro account. The mini-loan is also an interesting alternative for people with a negative BKR coding, because many of these providers do not have a BKR check. Having existing loans does not have to cause any problems either.

In short, this mini loan is particularly suitable for those who want to borrow money quickly within 10 minutes.
Immediately borrow $ 750, on your account within 10 minutes

Need money today? Free tips, 100% legal, fast and reliable!

Do you urgently need money today? No problem, this is a safe and fast way to get out of trouble today! Bothered by an annoying bailiff, writ of execution or simply no money for groceries? Maybe your power will be cut off or you will almost be put out of your house.

These are emergencies. In such a situation you have to survive and you may feel a little desperate and insecure. “Who can help me get money today” you wonder. In any case, do not borrow money from private individuals on vague Internet sites. You may be a little desperate at the moment, but you want to make a wise choice and not be fooled.

How much do you need? 100 to 200 USD? Or 300 to 400 needed? Or maybe even 500, 600 or 700 USD needed?
There are solutions for these urgent cases.

You can request an emergency loan with a short term. This is an emergency loan of up to 750 USD that is specifically for emergencies where you can still get the money today. The money will be in your bank account within 10 minutes after approval of your application.

How do you apply for this emergency loan today?
1) Go to the site of a lender who offers these urgent loans
2) Complete the application form on the website
3) Your data is checked and you immediately hear if you can get the money
4) After approval, the money will be transferred directly to your account

Good to know: –
– Your data is not checked at the BKR: if you have debts or payment arrears, this works to your advantage!
– If you have repaid your loan, you can apply for an emergency loan more often
– With some lenders you can also borrow money on Saturdays (until 14:00)
– You will only receive money if it is justified to lend your money, so that you do not get into further trouble
– There are no hidden costs, so you know where you stand (no profiteering practices)

Do you urgently need money today?

Do you urgently need money today?

Do not worry, even if you have a negative BKR registration and you are blacklisted by the BKR, there is a very good chance that you will get money in your account today by taking out an emergency loan. This solution is also suitable if you need money on Saturdays at the weekend. You do not have to be ashamed if you take out this emergency loan. Thousands of Dutch people use this. Maybe people you know, but that is of course private.

If it is still for some reason that you cannot get credit, take a look on the internet to see who else offers these loans. We have heard various stories from people who were rejected by one provider and suddenly received an urgent loan from the other provider. If your application does not succeed, request a loan from various websites and you will have money in your account in no time today!

What Is The Maximum Amount Of Revolving Credit?


Formerly called revolving credit, revolving credit is a loan that allows borrowers to benefit from funds as they see fit. While this type of financial product offers a great deal of freedom to its users, it does have some limitations. Thus, a maximum amount for revolving credit has been set by the Consumer Code.

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  1. The maximum amount of revolving credit
  2. Ancillary costs not exceeding the maximum amount of the revolving credit
  3. Why a maximum amount of revolving credit?

Fill out our form in a few minutes to compare dozens of banks and find the right credit for your needs!

The maximum amount of revolving credit


 The maximum amount of revolving credit


The maximum amount of the revolving credit is $ 75,000. Previously, it was $ 21,500, but it was raised during the credit reform made by Christine Lagarde in 2011.
This larger amount allows for more expensive purchases.

In addition, the repayment period varies according to the amount of revolving credit :

  • It is 36 months when the total amount of the loan is less than or equal to 3 000 $
  • It is 60 months when the total amount of the loan is more than 3 000 $

Note that from $ 1,000, the lender is obliged to provide a traditional credit proposal so that the borrower can choose the offer that best suits his needs.

Ancillary costs not exceeding the maximum amount of the revolving credit


 Ancillary costs not exceeding the maximum amount of the revolving credit


The maximum amount of the revolving credit does not take into account all the ancillary costs that may be added to the loan offer. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see in particular file fees increase the amount due by the borrower. It should be noted, however, that some financial organizations include them in the total amount of the loan.
To all this can also be added the amount of insurance for credit.
Malynx tip!

Insurance is optional but strongly recommended, especially for people whose financial situation is a bit weak.

Although these insurances can sometimes be a bit high, they can however protect borrowers in case of illness, death or dismissal.



Why a maximum amount of revolving credit?

 Why a maximum amount of revolving credit?

It is the Consumer Code which governs all the conditions and other modes of operation of revolving credit as of all types of consumer credit. If there is a maximum amount for revolving credit , it is precisely for this type of loan to continue to reach the limits of consumer credit and thus enjoy their benefits.

Indeed, to qualify as a consumer credit, a revolving credit must be a minimum of $ 200 and up to $ 75,000.

If the funds lent exceed this amount, the credit is no longer protected by the Consumer Code and in particular by the Srivener law which offers:

    • A withdrawal period for the borrower that extends over fourteen business days from the signing of the loan offer. This period was previously only seven days,
    • Great clarity in the loan agreement,
    • The Consumer Code also offers a period of fifteen working days following the date of issue of the revolving loan offer to allow reflection and comparison of other credit offers.


How the rate of mortgage loan has changed

Knowing how the mortgage loan rate varied by 2019 allows us to estimate how much the trend will follow in the first months of 2020. You can get to know this important topic in this article.

The best way to study the trend of mortgage lending, the Tasa report on the promissory interest of the banking system , generated by the SBS. Peruvian financial institutions report daily to the SBS on the characteristics and volume of our mortgages, and part of this information is condensed into dichotomy.

In particular, in this case, an indicator present in the form of an informal report called the average annual interest should be analyzed. As its name implies, the value is the weighted average of the interest rates of the different mortgage loans present in the market.

Please note that, as indicated in the respective report, these are these references. It is the same that excludes costs associated with the pre-payment (insurance, administrative expenses, etc.).


Behavior of Mortgage Loans in 2019, in Soles

Mortgage Loans in 2019, in Soles

The following is a graph of the behavior of interest rates for housing mortgages, provided by bank companies, during 2019.

It is clear that the interest rate for mortgage loans in soles has shown a tendency towards low interest throughout the year 2019.


Why has the average interest rate on mortgage credit shown a tendency towards low interest rates?

Why has the average interest rate on mortgage credit shown a tendency towards low interest rates?

The main reasons that have been determined by the behavior shown by the table of reference interest and signaled, during 2019, are as follows:

1. BCRP Intervention

The Central Reserve Bank of Peru has intervened in the financial market, maintaining a tendency towards the interbank reference interest rate. And these are one of the main references when establishing mortgage credits.

2. Low interest rates in international agreements

Peruvian banks have not been able to enjoy international credit in 2019 with less interest. After obtaining bad economic conditions, he could not make money at the slightest cost.

3. High competition between financial institutions

In 2019 there was a strong competition between financial institutions, especially in the niche of mortgage credits. In order to attract customers, you are looking to offer credits that result in the cheapest results, which produce the interest of interest.

Credit card Despite Credit bureau with Dispo.

Free credit card (MasterCard); Cash withdrawals at ATMs worldwide with the MasterCard. In Germany, there can be no credit card without Credit bureau with Dispo, since no bank lends money without collateral. Therefore, online providers who offer a credit card with full credit limit and favorable terms are not regarded as reputable. Instructions with all information for the credit card application. The reason: A “normal bank loan”, overdraft or installment loan takes much longer.

Coincidence on credit card without Credit bureau but with Dispo? Do you think it will work?

Me and my wife want to buy a piece of land and start building. The property cost 160,000 and our construction project incl. Construction project about 360,000 $. The equity is 30,000 in cash and my mothers and fathers still have their own home as a deposit (about $ 50,000 still loadable, pre-load still 75,000 $). We are both scientists and work permanently.

Together we get 4500 $ net revenue. I have from my time at the Credit bureau booth still 4 completed submissions. The demand for it was unfortunately named. Since I have never dealt with the Credit bureau or the score back then, I spent some time abroad.

In the Credit bureau it is still 2 years

In the Credit bureau it is still 2 years

Without Credit bureau and a credit limit to get a credit card is not a matter of course in the Federal Republic. When issuing cards with Dispo, the banks are very prudent. In most cases, a credit check is made to verify that the applicant has a negative Credit bureau entry. A credit card with a credit limit is offered.

This current account credit is also known as overdraft or line of credit. Here, however, there is a problem: a credit card without Credit bureau with credit limit is rare. When issuing bank cards with Dispo, strict requirements apply. This also includes subjecting the applicant to a creditworthiness check. Negative Credit bureau entries usually do not give credit cards with credit limits.

But they still exist – the credit card without Credit bureau with a purchase limit. How and where you can get a credit card without Credit bureau and without proof of income, read here. At Dispo! With the credit card you can pay unbureaucratically around the globe and pay off money.

A credit card is also very useful for online payments. But not all can enjoy a credit card without Credit bureau with a purchase limit. The credit card with credit limit (dispo) is usually reserved only for persons with good credit. This is because a credit card with a purchase limit is included. At the end of the month you will finally receive a bill by credit card.

A credit card with a disposition thus allows a short-term interest-free receipt of payment. “Often a credit card without Credit bureau with credit limit is only abroad. Because the credit card holder could fully exploit the credit limit and then no longer pay the balance to the house bank. Therefore, almost every house bank carries out a credit check and needs proof such as the receipt.

Anyone who has had problems with Credit bureau in history and has a negative entry in the Credit bureau information will find it difficult to get a credit card with a credit limit. Before receiving a credit card with a credit limit, the house bank performs a credit check. For this purpose, it obtains credit information from an information agency (eg Credit bureau).

Loan installments paid on time 

Loan installments paid on time 

A large part of the banks rely on the opinion of Credit bureau, the largest credit agency in Germany. The Credit bureau information documents how the applicant dealt with loans in the past. Did he pay his cell phone bills on time, were loan installments paid on time or were there failures? The one who is registered negatively at the Credit bureau is covered by the credit check.

However, it is not just the Credit bureau information that determines whether the credit card application is accepted with discretionary restrictions. The creditworthiness check also includes the wish of the principal bank to place the applicant in permanent employment. For most cards with MRP, these are only issued to permanent employees.

The bank wants a receipt. You can get that from your client. For most financial institutions, nothing works without proof of income. In addition to proof of income many banks also want a bank statement for the past two to three years. You see, such a credit check is pretty steep. Even those who have a good Credit bureau information can refuse a lack of permanent employment.

The credit card with no income is even scarcer than the credit card without Credit bureau with draw limit. However, with the Toll Free MasterCard you will receive a credit card without Credit bureau and without a receipt. If you are looking for a credit card without a Credit bureau with a draw limit or a credit limit, you should know the difference between the draw limit and the credit limit.

Credit Facilities: There is not a credit limit for every credit card. The credit limit is the credit card limit up to which the credit card account can be overdrawn. The credit line thus works like the planning function for the current account. The amount of the credit limit was determined by the creditworthiness of the client. The credit limit can also be increased if desired (provided the creditworthiness is correct).

Credit card is a full visa card 

Credit card is a full visa card 

Credit limit: The draw limit of a credit card consists of the credit limit and the credit balance on the card account. For example, you can make a transfer to your credit card account before driving to get a higher payout limit. If you transfer another 1,000 USD to your credit card and you receive a monthly credit line of 1,500 USD from the house bank, you have a total credit limit of 2,500 USD for the journey.

A light version has been developed: the prepaid credit card, so that not only people with sufficient creditworthiness can enjoy the benefits of a credit card. For a long time, a prepaid credit card was the only way to use a real credit card with a shopping limit or a dispo. The credit card is a full visa card or master card with no credit limit.

This means that a prepaid credit card works on credit, you need to refill it with credit before you can pay with it. Because there is no risk of over-indebtedness for the house bank, a rechargeable credit card is available without a credit check and thus without Credit bureau. However, if you want to have a “real” credit card without Credit bureau with credit limit, you currently have no great choice in the Federal Republic.

The only product offered including the dispo is the free use of the new card. In the case of negative Credit bureau bookings, the house bank is very courteous and, to the best of our knowledge, does not undertake conventional loan checks. First we wanted to show you a comparison of the Credit bureau-free credit card with a shopping limit. However, our editorial staff quickly noted that there is currently (as of Feb. 2018) only a credit card with credit limit, which is also less tingling rating and Credit bureau.

Is it possible to sell before the end of your loan?

You bought a home by taking out a loan but you do not intend to keep your property? Another scenario, you want to seize an interesting opportunity which is offered to you without having sold or finished paying your current accommodation yet?

Reselling without having finished paying off your loan is a possible operation and more widespread than you might think. But this is not without certain constraints and other precautions to be taken. To know and master all the subtleties, it’s here!


Resell without acquiring another property

money loan

To fully repay your property once it has been sold, your notary will send the balance of the loan to your bank. Please note, even if the amount is correct, remember that the contract you signed with your bank includes the payment of an early repayment indemnity or IRA, that is to say additional costs. And to compensate for the interest that you will no longer pay him later, compensation is in his favor.

In the case of a fixed rate loan, your bank will ask you maximum

six months of interest, which can represent up to 3% of the remaining capital to be reimbursed. In the case of an adjustable rate loan, these penalties are higher and are mentioned in the contract that you signed beforehand.

Namely: if your loan was issued before July 1, 1999, the allowance can be avoided in three specific cases: if you sold your property in case of unemployment, death (or your spouse) or job transfer.


Sell ​​to buy a new property

property loan

Even if you previously sold your old home, the most common solution is to take out a bridging loan to deal with any cash flow problem because, unless you already have a promise to sell in hand, the purpose of the transaction remains uncertain. The principle of the bridging loan then consists of receiving from your bank between 60 and 80% of the price of the property for sale, with an interest rate higher than that of conventional credit.

This “facility” generally extends over a period of one year, or even two years at most. Obviously, once you have sold your old acquisition, you will be required to repay the capital slow to your bank throughout the two transactions.

To know: if the banks never lend 100% of the value of the good which is put on the sale, it is for the simple and good reason that the lending organization assumes that the sellers often resell cheaper than the price expected at the start, negotiations are very often required.

This also helps limit the risks to your establishment. On the other hand, with a formal promise to sell and with the precise indication of the sale price, the financing of your credit can reach 90% of the value of your property.

And you, have you experienced this situation? Do you find the operation risky or, on the contrary, advantageous? Let us know your experience and your advice, the blog is there for that!